Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

This has been such a fun weekend! This weekend I shot an elopement wedding that was truly so special. I shot their engagements last year and was so excited to get an email about their secret elopement. The wedding was at a bed & breakfast in Mountain Home. It was a perfect location overlooking the lake. The only people there to witness their wedding was me and the officiant - a perfect, intimate ceremony. I can't wait to edit and share the pictures with y'all!

Saturday Buie & I went over to our best friends home in Hillcrest. Alicia & Brian just returned from their honeymoon and we were eager to here about their travels and hang out in their home for the first time since their wedding. Brian cooked burgers and we hung out on their back deck  - a perfect evening with friends.

Sunday evening we moved the party to our house. Buie made AMAZING pulled pork sandwiches. Maybe I'll post the recipe soon. It was super easy to make in the crock pot! Craig, Nicole & the boys came over as well as a few of our close friends. I'm pretty sure one of our favorite things to do is to have people over to our house, enjoying the food that we (mainly Buie) worked hard to prepare and watch everyone having a good time. :)

We even broke out the pool for our nephew and friend's kid for them to splash a little while the adults talked. This was Carson's first trip to the Buie's house and I think he had fun too. I even got a smile out of him at the end of the night.

Today we are literally doing nothing all day. Well, that's not entirely true. The pups got a haircut and a bath and I'm doing a little editing in between eating left over gluten free cake. I hope y'all are enjoying your Memorial Day and remembering the reason we even HAVE this day of remembering. Thank you to all the brave men & women who fight for our country so that we can enjoy freedoms in life.

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Tricia Nae said...

your wreath is adorable. i bought all the stuff at HL to make a wreath...and have YET to do anything with it!! ugh.