Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cousin Time

I'm catching up on some blogging and I can't NOT blog about these two cuties. After our Mexico trip, I did a quick load of laundry, picked up my car at the dealership, packed up some photo props for my next shoot and headed down to Louisiana. I had made plans to shoot two birthday parties in Shreveport, but FIRST I had to see my niece and nephew. My family (minus mom & Buie) met at our favorite local catfish restaurant, Port au Prince, to enjoy a little food & fellowship and of course entertainment from these two:
Lately I've seen my niece, Makaylan, more often than usual. My oldest brother, his wife, and Makaylan came up to Little Rock a couple a weeks ago for some family time. We loved seeing the two of the kids interact. I just know they are going to be best friends!
Pretty soon we will have one more niece and one more nephew to add to our family! My nephew, Carson, will be here in less than a month! Woo hoo!

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