Monday, April 9, 2012

February Pinterest Project

I'm playing catch up on my Pinterest projects. In January I decided to pick one Do-It-Yourself Pinterest inspired project each month this year and yes, I have done one the first 3 months of the year. In February I put to use the many corks I had saved from the past few years. You wouldn't believe it from looking at this bulletin board but I actually am not a big wine drinker. This is an accumulation of corks since I was about 23 or so. There are so many ideas of Pinterest to use wine corks, including trivets, and even a bath mat made out of corks. This bulletin board was the first to catch my eye, but since I don't have that many corks, I decided to make a small bulletin board.
orginially from this blog: Life as a Thrifter

I actually already had the frame so there was really no cost in this project. I started hot glueing the corks in a pattern around the outer boarder working my way towards the middle. Once I got to the middle, it was harder to squeeze in the corks. Some of them I even had to sand down to make them fit.

In the end, they all fit and I was pleased with the turn out! This cork board brings some texture to our kitchen. We can tack pictures or our favorite recipes on the board - whatever we want! :) Thank for the PINSPIRATION!
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