Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ramblings of one proud auntie.

These days I have been filling in at my old job. It has been good for the soul to see my old work buddies. I am reminded that there IS a life outside my four walls of my home office from time to time and it's good to talk to real human beings during the day while Buie is as work instead of making small talk with Conner, Scooter, Hazel and Charlie.
My most FAVORITE human beings (beside my amazing husband of course) are my niece and nephew. I love getting to spend time with them! I see Landon a bit more than Makaylan only because of geographic location but in my heart they both hold a special place.
This year my brother's families will be adding to my addiction of these little people. That's right, people, BOTH of my sister-in-laws are pregnant. Makaylan is having a little sister in July and Landon will be welcoming a baby brother this coming April! Oh I'm so looking forward to Spring! Last Christmas we had TWO kids! Christmas 2012 we will have FOUR kids running around. Cannot wait!

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