Monday, February 27, 2012

I wish...

  • I wish I didn't hold onto material things for sentimental reasons but I do. I attach a memory of a loved one to an object and for some reason I think that if I throw away that possession I will lose that memory of them. I didn't really realize I did this until a few years ago when my grandfather passed away and I wanted to hoard everything of his. I literally slept in his pajamas for weeks afterwards. It was probably unhealthy. But after 3 years, I finally let them go along with a few other things of his I was keeping. After my grandmother's funeral, I kept a peace lily plant that was sent to me by my high school friends alive for over 5 years! It was my "grandmommy plant." (I know, I have issues...)
  • I wish I could eat gluten. Some days I wake up and just want to eat at a normal restaurant and order from a normal menu and order something like pancakes, pizza or cheesecake without getting sick.
  • I wish I were more organized. I blame my messiness on my right-brain. I am 100% right brained... in fact, I'm pretty sure the left side of my brain is probably just still more of my right brain. I don't think I got any left brain when God designed me. But can I just say that I'm happy my side is purple? (Geaux Tigers!)

  • I wish I read more books. Let me clarify, I wish I FINISHED the books that I start. My husband has hundreds of books. He has a room in our home dedicated to his books. He spends most of his time in his library pouring of different books. And when he's not reading a new book, he's telling me about the one he just finished reading. I, on the other hand, get bored reading a magazine. I need one with pictures... lots of pretty pretty pictures.
  • I wish I were more disciplined, had more self-control and more motivation. My laid back nature is refreshing in so many ways but in other ways it is 100 lb rock around my ankle tying me down.
  • I wish I was a baller. I wish I was a little bit taller. (Sorry, I couldn't resist going back old school a little bit. If you have no clue, click here.)
  • I wish I were more business savvy. This last year, I quit my full time desk job and started doing my passion, my true love - photography. I love the people side of this job and the creative side but like every job, there is a business side. I am slowly learning how to prepare my taxes and keep up with mileage and organize my receipts etc. This is where being more organized might come in handy. :)
  • I can WISH all I want to about the life I want or personality traits I WISH that I had but above all, I hope, pray and wish that I appreciate the life that God gave me. It might not be perfect but it's our life and I love it! :)

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Jessica said...

Awesome blog! At least you are super good at being creative. I'm one of those weird people who is both right & left brained....which means I'm only half good at the things on each side. Ug! O and the first thing I thought of when I read the title of your post was that song! Love you!