Saturday, February 18, 2012

Heeee's baaaack!

Remember this face?

JoJo (aka Harvey) is back at the Buie's Zoo. This news was both disheartening and a little bit exciting for us. Of course, we were thrilled to have this little guy in our home again but the reason why he's back is beyond saddening. What we thought was his forever home, did not turn into that. They only kept him about 6 months before surrendering him back into the C.A.R.E. program.

Without going into too much detail, the reasons for surrendering JoJo had a lot to do with his protective nature. JoJo is an Australian Shepherd mix and his Aussie nature is definitely apparent in just about every aspect. He is lively, energetic, eager to learn, eager to please, obedient and super smart! The Aussie is a working dog and most definitely needs a job to do. It is in their nature to herd and protect. In JoJo's case he was in a home with young children which he was great with but when NEW people would come over he would bark incessantly, probably trying to protect his own family. Due to the nature of the former owner's job (their business was run out of their home), new people were coming over everyday.

Though JoJo has never shown signs of aggression, he definitely needs to be in a family that would be willing to work with him daily. I just KNOW that with the right family, a little training and lots of love he would be the perfect pup! He needs DAILY exercising and he must have a job to do to truly feel instinctively fulfilled. If I could pick a dream home for him, he would be a ranch dog with wide open spaces and plenty of sheep and cattle to herd. He is 100% house trained. He knows several basic commands such as SIT, STAY, SPEAK, and he will "kennel up" with no problem if you give him a small treat for a reward. :)

Please read JoJo's bio for more information. If you are interested in adopting JoJo or finding out more information about him, please contact Central Arkansas Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.) They handle all of the adoptions. I do not work for C.A.R.E. I am just a volunteer foster. Feel free to pass along this blog post to anyone who might be interested in adopting him.

*side note: the home JoJo was in these past 6 months called him by the name given to him by C.A.R.E. which is JoJo so we are going to do our best to call him this since he recognizes his name and comes when called, etc. But it will be hard since deep down we know he is a rough and tumble "Harvey." hehe. :) Sometimes I find myself calling him that still...

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