Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our new foster dog:: Joe Joe

This past week has FLOWN by and this little guy is the main reason! Meet our new foster dog, Joe Joe... or JoJo (really not sure how you spell it). I got a call about a week ago from Melanie, who works with C.A.R.E. She is the rescue coordinator at the Central Arkansas Rescue Effort Melanie pulled three pups last week from the Conway shelter. I told her we were ready to foster again so when she told me that Joe Joe was waiting for us a local vet, I said SURE and picked him up that day! :)

Look how cute he is.
I knew immediately that this guy was special. He is obedient, sharp, well groomed and BEAUTIFUL! What more could you ask for? I can't imagine anyone giving up this pup but that is his story: he was surrendered to the Conway shelter. Oh, I want him as my own so badly!
My husband and I immediately started trying to come up with a name for him IF he were to be ours. We didn't think "Joe Joe" fit him very well. Charlie, Henry, Harvey were just a few of the names we through around... Of course we aren't sure at all if we are going to keep him. Right now we are just assuming we AREN'T keeping him. I mean, after all, we have three animals already:: 2 dogs and 1 cat. Three dogs might be a little much. If we don't adopt this dog, my only wish is that he gets the BEST forever home possible (besides us, of course). ;)

Here's a video of the little guy. Check out the little cutie pie!

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