Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Fun!

This Mother's Day weekend my parents drove up from Louisiana to see their grandson, Landon, be dedicated to the church. My brother, sister in law and nephew live about 40 minutes from us. It's so nice to have them close. I wish I lived close to BOTH of my brothers, but I'll take one rather than none.

Landon's dedication went well. He behaved so well! :) I snapped a few pics from the front row so that they would have a memory of this special event. Here they are with the pastors of their church. He is one lucky baby to have Craig and Nicole as parents! :)
Afterwards we went to eat at BRAVO Restaurant and it was so yummy! We gave our mom gifts, ate a great lunch & laughed at Landon, who is now ALWAYS our dinnertime entertainment!
Nicole had the great idea of doing a girls getaway weekend in Dallas. So she put together little gift baskets for my mom and her mom. I'm looking forward to getting away with our moms for a little shopping, eating and laughing! :)
Speaking of laughing, Landon's new "trick" that he has learned is to force himself to laugh. It's sooo cute! He will be sitting still and quiet then all of the sudden just BURST out in complete laughter that is so loud and soooo hilarious!! He knows he can get a reaction out of us, so when we laugh it makes him laugh more. I was able to snap a picture of it. He tightens up his fists too. I'll have to catch it on video soon so you can hear it! :)
Here is Nicole and her mom with Landon.
me and my mom on Mother's Day.
then Craig hopped in the picture. This is mom with 2 out of 3 of her kiddos. We will all be together for Father's Day! So looking forward to it!
And last but not least, my brother's family on Nicole's first Mother's Day. My OTHER sister in law is also celebrating her FIRST Mother's Day this weekend too but they are in Louisiana. I will be headed that way this week to take their first official family pictures with Makaylan.
Sunday morning, B and I woke up early to drive to Rison to go to church with HIS parents. It is always such a pleasure to go to his home town and spend time with his family. Since the only thing we did with their family was go to church, unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. But we still had a great time with then... only wish we could have stayed longer but alas, B had to get back to work...

We are both blessed with wonderful Christian moms who raised us in solid Christian homes. I'm thankful to my mom for always being there for me, always loving me and for letting me be who I am....which most of the time is a little different than what she had imagined. ;) I am thankful for my mother in law who raised a man who is now my husband. I must say, she did a great job!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

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