Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Must Love Dogs

You know us = you know our love for dogs. They go hand in hand. The minute you come into our home you are greeted with a wagging tail and probably a lick on the face. Dogs are such a joy in our lives about 99% of the time. But today I am talking about that 1% when you just want to strangle your pups. You all have those days, I'm sure. When you come home and your favorite shoe is chewed up or your rug has a mysterious yellow stain on it.... or how about this one... when you find your outdoor couch cushions everywhere in your back yard! And I do mean, EVERYWHERE! Just watch this video. :)

Culprit #1: JoeJoe, our foster dog
(who we renamed Harvey for the short time he has been in our home)

Culprit #2: Scooter

But aren't they so cute? How can you be mad at them, seriously? It reminds me of the time Conner got in to a bag of shredded paper. Remember that?

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