Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My crazy weekend!

I am just now getting a chance to blog about my long weekend in Louisiana! It was a crazy weekend that went by in a flash. I had so many things I wanted to accomplish in 3 days and I believe I managed to do all of them.

My weekend started out by me spending some quality bonding time with my new niece, Makaylan. She isn't sleeping well in her crib still so I did my part to take care of her by holding her for hours and hours. But don't worry... I didn't mind one bit. :) Friday afternoon I took her newborn pics. She's so tiny and didn't like not being wrapped up. Every time we took the blanket off her, she let us know she didn't like it. But we managed to still get some cute pictures of her in between her mom and dad snuggling with her.
I stayed with my brother and sister in law in Ruston for a couple of nights... It was so neat to get to see my brother be a dad. I am convinced that the best thing about being an aunt, besides all the cuddling with new babies, is getting the see my brothers become dads. Such a special thing!

Saturday I met my mom in Shreveport for a little mother/daughter bonding. We went antique shopping and had tea at the Glenwood Tea Room. I love that place!
Afterwards I headed over to The Gazebo to shoot a sweet garden wedding with the most precious couple. They found me on Facebook and I hadn't met them until their wedding day! Just another reason why I LOVE Facebook! :) Don't worry, I'll blog about the wedding soon!

After the wedding I was ready for a little fun with my girls! Alicia and Jessica drove down Saturday to meet me and Andrea, who now lives in Shreveport. We went out for a little dancing out on the town. :) I always have so much fun with them. My cousin Lauren also met up with us at Superior Restaurant. We all had a blast!! Wish we could do this more often!

All of the Arkansas girls spent the night with Andrea. We woke up to a wonderful homemade quiche that Andrea made us. So sweet! She even made me a gluten free one all to myself! After breakfast I headed to The Norton Art Gallery for a photo shoot with my cousin Lauren's family. It was a PERFECT day for a shoot and the hydrangeas were gorgeous! They'll be on the blog soon, too!

It was a jammed packed weekend but sometimes those are the best! Lots of memories made with my wonderful friends and family! I wouldn't have it any other way!

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