Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow pups!

We have been anticipating our snow day of 2011 for a few days now. We had several snow days last year where work was canceled. We enjoyed spending time with our pups & playing in the snow. This year, the weathermen did not disappoint us. They told us there would be snow and it came! The only difference is B was working in Little Rock and got stuck there. :( He had to get a hotel room because the room were too bad to drive home. We miss him being home tonight but I'd rather him be safe and sound in a hotel room, then out on those roads.

So, me and the animals are holding down Fort Buie and getting lots of pictures in the snow! :)

I love his whiskers!
Scooter kept trying to lick the snow! so cute!

Conner was giving Scooter kisses!


Lauren said...

They look good in snow! =)

Anita Bell said...

Beautiful pictures of your dogs. I enjoyed seeing them. :)