Monday, September 6, 2010

The new bed and the DR. visit

What a fun & jam-packed weekend! B and I both had a full four days off of work! B had to take vacation days so that we could spend these four days together. We made big plans to get stuff done around the house that we never have time to do. Since B and I work very different schedules, it's hard for us to do "normal" weekend things together - like go to Home Depot, do yard work together or just go pick out new bedding.Our weekend started with the delivery of our much anticipated and much needed KING SIZE bed!

A couple of weeks ago we went to Ashley's furniture and spent over an hour testing different beds. We would lay on one, then another, then go back to the first one. This was a HUGE decision for us and we wanted to make sure it was perfect! Ashley's has this pressure mapping system that can actually tell you which bed is right for you according to which bed applies the least amount of pressure on your joints. It is a heat sensitive system that is all computerized-pretty cool.
The bed we chose was 100% right for B and about 76% right for me, according to the pressure mapping system, both of these numbers are very high considering some of the other beds were only 20% and 30%.
Friday morning our bed was delivered and we couldn't be more excited! :) It even have a remote controlled motorized head and foot lift. We are officially old. ha! But we don't care when being old means being THIS comfortable. :)

Friday after the bed was delivered I took 2 of our kids to the doctor. (aka pets to the vet) Hazel and Conner were both due for their yearly shots. I try to take 2 at a time so I go to the vet less frequently. Next time, I'll take Scooter and George. As the vet was examining Hazel, I mentioned to the doctor that she has a scratch of some sorts on her paw that was bothering her. In order to examine her further, they had to dope up Hazel. She was NOT a happy camper at all! She was growing like a dog. I have never heard a cat growl like that. She still has her back claws and she wasn't afraid to use them. The nurse had to give her another round of an sedatives to entirely knock her out. It was sad but also kind of funny at the same time. She was totally and completely limp. Her paw will be fine by the way - we think something was just stuck in her paw. The doc flushed it with saline solution and wrapped it up. It was funny to watch her hop around all day until we could take off the wrap. hehe.
We also found out that our cocker spaniel, Conner, has developed allergies in the last year. His poor paws and ears itch him all of the time. We aregoing to have to start giving him Benadryl twice a day. My poor animals had a rough day, but they were excited to come home to extra treats and a nice long nap on our new bed. :) And Conner got to ride home with the windows down- his favorite thing! :)

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