Friday, September 17, 2010

Family News!

So I have some exciting and kind of sad news... my brother and sister-in-law, Chris and Amanda, are moving to AFRICA! Yup, that's right, I said Africa. They will be moving to the country of Mozambique! Our family is so excited for them but at the same time we will miss them very much. They will be back for Christmas for a few weeks, then head back across the big pond until next JUNE! I will miss them so much but thank goodness for skype!

On Labor Day weekend they came up here to hang out and say goodbye before they move. Here are a few of my favorite pics!

Chris and Amanda in their Louisiana Tech gear! Go Dawgs!
Chris snuggling with his nephew, Landon
"Uncle Biggs", Landon, and Aunt Amanda- I think they look pretty good with a little one in their arms, don't you? ;)

the boys:: my husband (in the middle) with my two brothers. I love this pic! I don't have too many pictures of the three of them.


ashley said...

Exciting news! Africa will be a better place with them there and I know it's always been on Chris' heart - but I'm sure they will be missed. And I was sure this post was going to announce that you were pregnant. :)

Scarlett Pourciau said...

First of all, tell Amanda she should be rocking LC gear! Second, please send me some contact info for Chris and Amanda. I am planning to do something mission oriented for Stella's next birthday (like some kind of craft kids can make at her party and we can send to the mission field) and I'm looking for some real live missionaries to participate! Her birthday's not until March, so we have plenty of time, but it's never too early to start planning, right? I love reading your blog! You are even cuter now than you were in kindergarten, if that is even possible!