Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just a Tuesday...

Hey there. Nothing special going on in my life... I'm working on the last few drops of coffee in my coffee cup. They are left over from my 8am cup this morning, my ONLY cup today, thank you very much. I think this is day 6 of So Long Starbucks and I am still weaning myself off...slowly. Today is the only day I haven't woken up to a pounding headache, but I went and got a cup of coffee anyways. (probably shouldn't have) Next week, I start drinking half caf... pray for me.

This past weekend, B & I went back to our alma mater, OBU, to watch a football game. Seeing as how B was grad. assistant on the football team and a former player it was hard for him to just sit and watch. Every play he yells and tells the players what they should be doing as if he is still coaching...it's really quite cute. ;) B didn't think it was cute when they lost though. I heard the word "stupid" and "retarded" a few times on the drive home. lol

taken by Dr. Kluck

B's college roommate, Brent, came up to visit for a few days as well which is always a good time. We get along so well. B's name is also Brent, so you can imagine the confusion of having a roommate also named Brent - which is one reason why MY Brent mainly goes by "Buie" or for the purpose of this blog, "B."

I did manage to injure myself this weekend. Apparently, the coffee gods are cursing me because I am drinking less coffee these days. When I opened the door of my car, my favorite coffee mug came rolling out and landed on my driveway in about a million pieces (ok, really it was about 10). I picked up the pieces and headed inside to mourn the loss of my favorite Seaside mug that was purchased last year on our Florida vacation. When I entered my kitchen I slipped on what I thought was water. I looked down and saw blood... oh so much blood! Apparently, a piece of the mug had cut my pinky toe and it had been bleeding all the way from the driveway to the kitchen and I didn't even know I had been cut! I do not like blood! It's a good thing our guest for the weekend is a doctor...
Well, I'm still alive... and it looks like we're gonna have to make another trip to Seaside to get another mug. ;)

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