Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I LOVE Lucy!

I love Lucy! And this past Sunday afternoon, as HOT as it was, friends and family gathered at a local park to celebrate Lucy's third birthday with monsters, cake, semi-melted icecream, princess dress up clothes, and plenty of sand for all!

I feel like Lucy is my little niece and you may be thinking she that she might even be my child by the amount of pictures, however she is in no way related to me. But I DO love Lucy all the same! You see, I am best friends with Lucy's aunt, Andrea, who introduced me to Lucy's mother, Christen, who is also a photographer & took pictures at our wedding, then quickly become a great friend, then became my business partner and then we started this little business called Studio2B...and the rest is history. So in a round about way, yes, Lucy and her sister, Olive, are my little nieces or at least in my mind they are. So just bare with me and allow me to share with you the cutest little girl in the entire world. Lucy.

Love that smile!

The Buies gave her this "Fancy Nancy" baby doll complete with matching gloves and shoes. We also gave her a Fancy Nancy tiara, sticker book and reading book. Lucy loves all things girly - shoes, gloves, and PINK! :)

Daddy, Ryan, had a little too much fun with Lucy's new dress-up clothes. :)

Lucy's little sister, Olive, had a blast hanging out on the monkey bars. She reminds me of a little monkey! So cute!

Buie had to say good-bye to his fury friend, Captain Jack, before we left. He's worse than I am!

Me and Buie were sweating so much but glad we were able to be a part of Lucy's special day!

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christen byrd said...

in case you didn't get the memo...her name is Cinderella...not Lucy ;)