Monday, May 17, 2010

Babies are popping out of the woodworks!

Seriously, people! Stop making babies! No, really! Stop it! I'm going broke buying baby gifts! Actually I don't really mind the baby gifts that much as long as you let me take pictures of your babies. You don't even have to pay me. I just like taking pictures of babies and with all of these showers I've been attending I have a feeling I will be taking LOTS of baby pictures this fall. :)
This past Saturday I helped to host a baby shower for my dear friend Jessica D. (And yes, it is necessary to specify the "D." I have many friends named Jessica. It was a popular name in the early 80's.) Anyway, I hosted the shower with the lovely ladies in the picture above, half of whom are pregnant. I am not one of them, even though I may have fooled you in the picture. I am never wearing that shirt again, by the way.

I have known Jessica since we plegdged together in the same Sorority in college but didn't become really close until we lived together after college with the two lovely ladies above. Those were good times. :) All three of us share a love of cats and each owned (at least) one while we lived together. haha.

These three lovely ladies are all in the same pledge class as me and as you can see are all expecting. Stefan, the one in the middle, went into labor on Sunday, the day after the shower and had a beautiful baby girl yesterday! :)

Jessica and I share the same birthday (July 19th) and her little man, Dean Oliver, is due around the same time. I am crossing my fingers that he will be born on our birthday. Congrats to Scott and Jessie!~ Can't wait to meet him!


Cara @ Live the Home Life said...

No worries on the Wilkerson baby front. You can count on us to maintain a baby-free zone for a while...unless little Dean-o is visiting!


Julee said...

Thanks for posting pics! I hate that I missed Jessica's shower! And I can't wait to meet Halle Kate!