Monday, July 29, 2013

My Favorite Etsy Artwork

I didn't realize how much art work I have purchased on Etsy until a friend of mine was getting the 2 dollar tour of the casa de Buie and kept asking where all of my framed prints were from. My response to nearly every single piece: ETSY. The internet: it really is an amazing place. But even more than that, ETSY...where artists, vintage lovers, recyclers, crafters, and most of all hoarders can unite as one! 

My most recent purchase celebrates the love for my home state of Louisiana and yes my home town made the map! I LOVE this print! It's so fun and colorful. I just wish that this particular artist made Buie's home state of Arkansas.

Etsy Shop: joebmapart

I'm sure you've noticed in the last few years that chalk art is EVERYWHERE! I can't write very pretty with chalk to save my life. But I don't need do when someone else has done it for me. :) But these are permanent. They don't rub off so no worries! I put the first one right above our coffee area and the second one I actually gave to B as part of his anniversary present. It's what I say to him every night right before we go to sleep. I know I know, we're adorable. ;)

Etsy Shop: Lily & Val

I think this print accurately describes me and my interests: silly, dog, cat, coffee. If only one of them were holding a camera we'd be all set. This print is in our breakfast room and it brightens up my morning! Sometimes when I'm still delirious (before I've had MY coffee) I image our dog Conner and our big orange cat Charlie chumming it up over a hot cup of Joe and it makes me giggle. (Yes, I know I'm weird and spend waaay too much time with my animals. Give me a break, people. I work from home!)
Etsy Shop: 3 Crows

Of course, I HAVE to mention one of my dear friends, Christen Byrd. She is so fabulously talented in every area of her life. She's one of those people you want to hate because she's so darn good at everything creative but you just can't because she's so funny and nice. I'm glad she's my friend. She custom designs these prints for children's room or for a nursery. They make the PERFECT baby shower gift. While I don't currently have any hanging in our home, my brother and sister in law have FIVE of these prints between the two families. As long as they keep popping out babies, I'll keep ordering these prints! :)
Etsy Shop: baby byrds

This shop is probably one of my favorite discoveries thus far on Etsy. The artist's work is simply magical to me, filled with flowers and inspiring quotes. I currently have 6 (maybe 7) prints by Katie in our home and one of my best friends just sent me another print for my birthday that I need to get hung too! Her work inspires me as any good artist's should. I wish she could come paint a whole room full of wildflowers for me. I would never leave it. :) Check out her Instagram feed too @katieisadaisy.
Etsy Shop: the wheatfield

There are thousands of more wonderful and talented artists to discover. If you have found someone I need to know about let me know! I love finding new talent and displaying beautiful artwork. 

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