Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Anniston Nicole

Our new little niece arrived yesterday afternoon around 2:30 here in Ruston with the chubbiest little cheeks and a head full of dark hair! Anniston Nicole Walker weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces at birth and was so alert and bright eyed for her first few hours of life! She is precious! Nicole did wonderfully during labor, too! From what she said, it was quite an easy labor and birth. We are so thankful for another healthy baby to add to our big extended family. I can't wait to spoil another niece and watch her grow up under the protection of her two older brothers, Landon and Carson. Being the youngest of three and having two older brothers myself, I can honestly say from experience that she is in for a wonderful life. Having two older brothers is the best! They watch out for you. They teach you the ropes. They let you drive with them to school with the cool kids. They will be your friends for life, Anniston, if you let them. 

Mommy and Daddy with Anniston in her first few hours of life. 

Landon holding baby sister for the first time. He was so cute with her. 

Honey and Pop meeting Anniston.

Me & B meeting Anniston. 

 We love you, Anniston!

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Nancy said...

Love that name! What a precious baby!