Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Cardboard House.

A few months ago I ordered this from Amazon because I mean seriously how cute is it? But what would we need with a cardboard playhouse. We have no kids and really no room to put it. My intention was to have something fun for kids to play in at our home in Arkansas. Several of my friends have small children and I literally had nothing for them to play with except for tupperware. Also, my nephew Landon might get a kick out of it. But since I ordered it, we have moved to Louisiana and this got packed away with everything else and was never even opened. 

This evening we had my oldest brother Chris and his family over for dinner, so I thought this was a great opportunity to set it up and let Makaylan play in it. But when I opened it up (for the first time, I might add) I realized just how big it was. Wow! I mean, I should have realized since little kids are supposed to be able to go inside of it! ha. 

Hazel immediately went inside and loved it! Of course she would. She loves anything she can get inside, climb on top off or sleep in. Boxes are her best friend. When she saw this box, she probably thought she died and went to cat heaven. Realistically, I could put a bed, litter box, water bowl and food in there and I swear she'd never leave. 

But Hazel wasn't the only one who loved the playhouse! Maykaylan (or Kay Kay as we called her) went in and out several times, went around to all the windows and peeked out. It is the perfect little playhouse! Oh, and I forgot to mention that since it's cardboard, the kiddos can color on it with either markers or colors! I'll have to let the kiddos color on it each time they come over. It may take a while to color this whole thing! 

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