Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One Room at a Time.

So for the most part we are moved in and getting settled. Is our garage still full of boxes? Well, yes but we're working on that. ;)  The fun part to me is decorating. I think it's the best job in the world...only I don't get paid to do it. Maybe I should have been an interior designer. The only problem I have with decorating is making decisions. I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to paint colors and home decor, so naturally Pinterest is like an extension of my right arm. I find it's the perfect place to organize all the craziness that's floating around in this head of mine. 

I wanted to document the way our home looks now, just as we are getting settled and calling this place our own. It is bare with nothing on the walls. The paint colors are not our own choices but we are so looking forward to the next phase - the making it our own phase. 

This little breakfast nook has much potential. When I look at it I see cafe curtains... 
 a round wool rug maybe similar to one of these...

Months ago I saw images of a coffee bar on Pinterest and loved the idea. We have less counter space in this home than in our previous home, so a little coffee nook has been the perfect solution for us! We just used our old dresser than was in our closet and put it right in our breakfast room. One day I plan to paint it a fun color, but for now it will work.

My inspiration for our coffee bar: I plan to put some shelves up and hang a few favorite pieces of artwork. So much to do!

Hope you've enjoyed this brief tour around our little breakfast nook. Hopefully next time you stop by, it'll look quite different. We had a meeting with our painter guy today and he has big plans for our breakfast nook, as well as our living room, foyer, dining room, master bath....oh wow, there's a lot to paint in this house!
Stay tuned for another room soon! I'll try to share all the rooms as what they look like before they see the likes of a paint brush and of course after, so stick around! :) And if you're on Pinterest, be sure to follow me at cbbuie. See you there!

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Brocky said...

I have that cafe curtain fabric at EA. Super cute!!