Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Review: Wedding Style!

Warning! Lots of pics. :) I didn't want to lug around my big camera so these are all from my trusty little point & shoot. Enjoy!

B & I were both in a wedding this weekend. This was actually the first time we have both been IN a wedding together, well, except for our own wedding, of course. ;) It was fun getting to experience this with him. The wedding was for some of our good friends, Whitney and Brad. I have known Whitney since 2005... Well, let me back up. I have KNOWN her since our Freshman year, 2001, but we didn't actually become good friends til Senior Year, 2005. We met Brad, obviously, through Whitney, and Buie & Brad instantly hit it off. We are so happy for the two of them and glad they could join us on the married side of things. ;)
This weekend was packed FULL of their wedding! You know how it goes: rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, pictures, wedding and then everyone's favorite- THE RECEPTION! By far, the highlight of my weekend was dancing with my girls to Pat Green, dancing with Wally Hall, seeing Ethan breakdance ALL NIGHT LONG on the dance floor and watching Whitney dance on Brad. Hilarious night! I forget how much I love to dance (even though I have absolutely no coordination).

Congratulations, Whitney & Brad! I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon!


Heather said...

YA! Love the fun!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

so fun! Love thsoe bridesmaids dresses!