Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday's thoughts...

I don't have any one thing to share today, but we do have LOTS going on at the Buie's household. There is always lots going on...if only laundry and house cleaning were one of them. Sigh... I keep convincing myself that there is always something more important to do than laundry but that doesn't help me have clean clothes to wear. How can TWO people go through so many clothes in one week??? are my random thoughts for today::
  • This week I finally went to the new Anthropologie and it is everything I imagined it would be. Now I don't have to wait til I go to Dallas to get my Anthro fix! If you are wondering what to get me for Christmas (and I know you have been) then an Anthro gift card would be PERFECT! Thanks! ;)
  • tonight we are going to dinner with my parents and B's parents which has only happened twice this whole year: Easter & 4th of July - so this is a special occasion. I'm not exactly sure WHAT the occasion is but family doesn't need a reason to get together to eat, do we? My precious nephew, Landon, is coming too... oh, and his parents. :)
  • I have many many MANY photoshoots to edit! So many that I am overwhelmed! I guess that's good though. Business is picking up! :)

  • this coming week we will be dog sitting for one of my favorite dogs, EVER! Meet DUKE! :) Expect a blog post about this little guy. He's so smart and knows so many tricks! Can't wait for him to meet our boys!

  • hopefully we can work in some pumpkin carving this week, too. :)

  • I'm nervous about Saturday's game with LSU playing Auburn. It's a big game! Can't wait to cheer on my Tigers. You better believe that me and Conner will have on our jerserys!
  • tomorrow morning I am headed to the pumpkin patch with my nephew Landon. Hopefully we'll get some great Fall pics! Can't wait to share them with you!

Are you spending time with family this weekend? I sure hope so! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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