Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Review: Dad's birthday

This weekend we celebrated my dad's 59th birthday here in Little Rock. Lately my parents have been burning rubber on the road between here and Louisiana. It could have something to do with this little guy...
Sunday for brunch I met up with my brother Craig, his wife, Nicole and my sweet little nephew and my mom and dad for a yummy egg white omlet that was amazing! I was so pleased that Cracker Barrel was so accomodating to our gluten intolerances. Did you notice I said "OUR" gluten intolerances? My mom was just recently diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, too, so we are BOTH eating gluten free! It's kind of fun to have something else in the family go through the same things as me. :)
This was Landon's first outing to Cracker Barrel and he slept through the whole thing. :)

My dad and I snapped a quick pic before he took off on his birthday golf trip with Craig. (Please excuse my wind-blown hair.)

Mom wanted a piece of the picture-takin' action. Man, was it bright, sunny and HOT! Just a MERE 102 degrees! I still can't believe they actually wanted to play golf in that kind of weather! Crazy boys!

Dad and Craig met up with another Father/Son couple who they have known for years! They are actually from Louisiana, too, and now live in Maumelle near Craig & Nicole. Small world! They were laughing at me for taking their picture but I know they'll be glad they have it! :)

Buie couldn't be with us Sunday for brunch so we took dad out to eat Saturday night after HE played golf with his father-in-law. Can you tell our men like to play golf?
I think it's cute how they have bonded over golf. This picture was taken last year. This was my father handing over his set of old golf clubs to Buie. I knew this would be a monumentous occasion in the family so I asked mom to snap a pic with her iPhone and I'm glad I did. When I look at this photo it doesn't look like anything special but the meaning behind it says so much! It means so much to me that my dad has taken the time to include my husband in something he loves so much. He bought him a new bag. He gives him advice. He takes Buie to the driving range and gives him encouragement when he hits a good shot. Just in the last year, I can see how close my father and Buie have become- all because of a game of golf. So this is why I'll never complain that my husband plays golf. :)
One last pic of my beautiful parents. The lighting in the restaurant was terrible but they are still beautiful and handsome as ever! Love y'all! Hope you had a great birthday, dad!

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