Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Buie's Zoo

These past two weeks it has been a literal zoo at the Buie's house! I received an email from a friend of mine over at C.A.R.E. She asked if we would mind helping out fostering these two little beagle pups for a couple of weeks while their regular foster went on a vacation. Of course we didn't mind! How could I say no to these faces!

Meet Pepper: Pepper, a beagle mix, is very shy at first. It took her a few days to warm up to me and even longer to warm up to Buie, but once she finally did warm up she totally fits her name Pepper because she is full of spice! :) She is laid back, happy and always wants to play! She still tends to be a bit jumpy but it's probably because she's had a rough life - possibly even been abused. :( I know, sooo sad! But she is house trained and would be a great dog as long as she stays in the same house with her best friend Maggie May.

Meet Maggie May (not to be confused with Maggie, another beagle we fostered). Maggie is laid back, well manered, house trained, and loves to be pampered! It is so cute how well these too dogs get along. They seriously love each other. I would hate to see them split up!

Remember Maggie? We fostered her for a few months, then she found a home, then we dog sat her while her parents went on vacation? Well, now she came back for yet another visit while her parents got in one last trip before school started back. It was fun to pick Maggie up and see that she instantly recognized us. :)
It was also so fun to see THREE beagles running around in our yard: Maggie, Maggie May and Pepper. Welcome to Buie's Zoo!
So if you're keeping track that's Conner, Scooter, Maggie, Maggie May, Pepper on the dogs team and George and Hazel for the cat's team - a total of SEVEN animals! Thank goodness that only lasted a couple of weeks - I was quickly running out of dog food! But the truth is...I miss them already. Maggie went back to her home and Pepper and Maggie May are back with her foster parents. If you are interested in adopting Maggie May and Pepper, please contact Central Arkansas Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.)

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