Wednesday, August 18, 2010

cat studio

Several years ago when I was shopping with a childhood friend we came across this company- cat studio- and I I remember going on and on about how cute their designs were. My friend secretly went back and purchased an Arkansas dish towel for me at the same store and gave it to me as a gift. Since I had recently moved from Louisiana to Arkansas it was a perfect gift! However, the first time I washed the dish towel it got caught somehow in the dryer and ripped. I was super sad! (Sorry, Brook!) I actually still have the towel but it is, in fact, tattered so I don't display it or anything. I have searched for another one but I couldn't remember the companys name. Yesterday I was wasting time and walked into our local Hallmark store and found tons of these dish towels! I was so excited! I picked up one Arkansas one, one Louisiana towel and a Texas towel for a family member in Texas. Love this company!

Also, my mom recently purchased the Louisiana pillow for my birthday. I have been wanting one for years but I just couldn't spend that much for a pillow myself. Maybe I'll ask for the Arkansas one for Christmas. Since I am from Louisiana and my husband is from Arkansas, these are perfect to hang in our home. And who knows? I might even do something crafty with them like put them on a canvas and hang them on our wall or something. The wheels are turning!


Lindsey said...

Brilliant! My birthday is in 8 days and I just sent Justin the link. Keep your fingers crossed. I would love an Arkansas and a North Carolina one....then would love to keep up with each state we live in. :)

Katherine Grant said...

These are so cute! I got the Napa Valley one when we were in California this past January!