Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Road Trip!

This weekend I'm headed to see these lovely ladies in Austin, Texas. Becca and I were college roommates for all four years...yes, that's what I said - ALL FOUR YEARS! How many people can say that they stuck with the same person all through college? I kind of felt like we were married sometimes, but in a good way. We complimented each other. She was immaculately clean. I was sporadically messy. She was responsible and well, I really wasn't. (but don't worry, I have grown up since then). I learned a lot from Becca and quite frankly I'm not sure why she put up with me for that long but I'm surely glad that she did! One thing I love about Becca is her laugh! She always makes me laugh so incredibly hard... like the kind of laugh that makes you cry and makes your gut hurt. I can't wait to laugh that hard again this weekend.

Robyn and I met...hmmm... you know, I can't actually remember when we met. Huh. I kind of feel like she's always been in my life. I believe it was my sophomore year in college when we became suitmates. Then, we lived together for one fun summer in Caddo Apartments, and the rest is history. We took a road trip to Orlando together and completely bonded! We are kindred spirits (Anne of Green Gables anyone?) Robyn knows how to have a good time and is completely laid back about everything, which is just like me!
When you get the three of us together, who knows what will happen. :) I can't wait to just be with these girls. They are the kind of girls I can just sit with and enjoy their company and not say a word...just sit. So relaxing. You know what I'm talking about, right?

Needless to say, I'm beyond excited about this trip! I'm sure we'll have lots of pictures to post when I return! :)


lukeandlaurawoodard said...

Hey Cara Beth! I am so jealous you are going on a fun road trip with girlfriends! Those days of me being able to do that are slim to none.

I would love to tell you more about Vemma. It's been such a blessing for us! Actually, the children's version (NEXT) is the only kind that's gluten free. email me if you want to know more. Or just call me! :-) My email is

mellybean said...

CB -
Thanks so much for (all of) your sweet comments! I DID make Ellie's little outfit! Whenever you have a little one, let me know and I can make something for him/her :)
Love ya,