Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life on the Farm

This past week I've been living the good life on the farm... well, sort of. I've actually been chicken sitting for a co-worker. That's right, I said "chicken sitting." It's similar to dog sitting just substitute chickens for dogs. A lot more clucking and a lot less barking but everything else is pretty much the same...well, except for the fact that chickens are, in fact, the dumbest animal ever created (sorry, God, but they are).

There were three of them. I liked the dark spotted one the best.
Each evening I would visit them and scatter their feed and they would run to me and BAUK BAUK BAUK!
And the best part... they left me little presents each day. The best organic eggs I've ever eaten.
So if you need a good chicken sitter, call me. I'm experienced. I guess I can add that to my resume, huh. ;)


Brett and Jill said...


I don't know if you know about Tasty Kitchen. It is PW's recipe web site. This link is for a lady who does gluten free stuff. I thought of you.

Jessica said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing the photos! Hopefully I'll have some chickens and fresh eggs some day.