Friday, February 12, 2010


I debated even doing a Valentine's Day post because the Buie household doesn't really get caught up in the commercialism that V-day has become. It's really sad to me that your love for someone has been reduced down to one day and that one day you're suppossed to sum up all of your feelings about your significant other by delivering flowers to work or getting a box of chocolates - probably the same box of candy that Joe Smith gave his wife down the street. Can I just say it? - Valentine's Day is nothing more than an economic ploy by the government to get consumers to BUY BUY BUY! Am I right? Well, even if you don't agree with me, you will probably still agree that homemade gifts are still soooo much better than bought, pre-packaged gifts that were given little or no thought behind them. I'm not against stimulating the economy, but I am all about some creative gift giving or perhaps just creative TIME-giving. Have you ever considered TIME to be your gift to someone? Well, perhaps this year you will! :)

The number one best gift for someone (in my opinion) is a basket full of baked treats! Chocolate chip cookies are so easy yet say so much to recipient because you put your TIME into making them! Also, for a date night, consider picking a three course dinner and preparing it TOGETHER! Appetizer, Dinner and of course, DESSERT! You could also have a movie night with your sweetie! This is actually what we plan on doing. There are several good classics that we haven't seen yet that would be perfect for a Valentine's night. Anyone up for Casablanca?

So, this year, instead of fighting the crowds, paying way too much for that prime rib... stay at home, cook dinner and save a little cash. You can stimulate the economy some other made up holiday. ha. (Sorry that last part might have been a little harsh)

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