Thursday, February 18, 2010

King Cake Catastrophe!

First of all, happy Mardi Gras (a little late)! If you are not familar with the celebration of Mardi Gras, read about it here. Don't have a clue what a King Cake is?- click here to know more than you could have ever needed to know!

Being from Louisiana, I have always enjoyed the interesting tradition of Mardi Gras. In high school, my friends and I would always share a King Cake during the weeks leading up to Fat Tuesday. It was fun to see who would find the little plastic baby inside. Whoever found the baby would have to buy the King Cake for next year. On Ash Wednesday we would always talk about what we were giving up for Lent. It was usually something we LOVED like cokes or chocolate.

The older I get, the more I find the religious aspect of Mardi Gras and Lent interesting. Even though, I was not raised Catholic nor am I Catholic now, Lent it still a significant part of a Christian's life and I have tried to make it a part of mine. (more on this later...)

But the fun part of Mardi Gras is and probably always will be the King Cakes! The cinnamon flavor goodness dripping with purple, green and yellow icing sprinkled with suger! Oh, so good! Well, I haven't had one in THREE years, since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This year I was determind to make a gluten free King Cake, so I searched on line and found this- a yummy sounding recipe for a gluten free King Cake. So of course, I tried it. I tried and tried and tried. I literally tried it three times and failed everytime. I followed the instructions perfectly but each time my dough would turn out crumbly, waaay too crumbly to even roll out. So I gave up. So with GF flour ALL OVER my kitchen and ALL over me, I hrew in the towel and enjoyed another Mardi Gras without a King Cake. :( When B got home, he said it looked like the kitchen had exploded but of course, he helped clean up. What a great guy.

I'm determined, even more determined now, to have one next year - even if I have to order a pre-made one online and have it shipped to me. I will eat King Cake next year! Until then, I will enjoy Mardi Gras will a glass of lactose free milk and a gluten free cookie. :)
Did you celebrate Mardi Gras? Are you giving anything up for Lent this year?


Anonymous said...

So sad about your king cake! I don't know what type of recipe you found for a gluten free king cake, but I've found that regular king cakes are just glorified cinnamon rolls for the most part. I have made 5-6 this year from my usual cinnamon roll recipe. With that in mind, I found this recipe that you may want to try:

I'll just roll my dough out, fill it with whatever you want - I'm not sure what exactly gluten free excludes, but I love cream cheese with a bit of powdered sugar - then roll it up, pinch it sealed, and roll it around like a king cake instead of slicing it. I cannot imagine having to go without king cake! I hope this works. :)

bluehydrangea said...

I feel your pain. I tried to make an egg free cake for Butterball and it was not pretty or tasty!! Interestingly,(is that even a word) my sister is being tested for Celiac this week and we (all 3 sisters) are going to quit eating gluten for 2 weeks and see if we feel any better. I don't know what is worse, sugar or wheat....

Anonymous said...

Guess what??? I received notice of this today and immediately thought of you! I love, love, love King Arthur stuff.