Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Finds!

Remember when I told you I went antique shopping last weekend? Well, I went again! I can't get enough... I thought I would let you see my fun vintage finds over the past two weeks!

A 1950's Savoy camera:
This will be the perfect $25 dollar addition to my vintage camera collection. Maybe one day I'll get around to photographing all of them. :)

  • A Versatile Coke Crate:
You could use this for recycling newspaper or storing those favorite magazines! I have decided to use it on my potting station to store potting and gardening supplies.

Pottery Barn sells them currently for $24 dollars- I found one for $8 dollars! Can't make it to the Antique Shops? No problem. Order one from Etsy right from your home!

  • A Seltzer Bottle:

I have had my eye on a seltzer at Pottery Barn but didn't want to pay that much. I searched high and low until I found one about like this at an antique store for $15 dollars. :) I quickly snatched it up!

  • A tea cart or bar cart:

I have also had a tea cart on my list of things to look out for. I searched local furniture stores and even Target and couldn't quite find the quality that I was looking for. I knew as soon as I saw this baby, it was mine! And it was 1/2 off. I brought it home for a mere $70.

My new seltzer bottle looks GREAT on my cart!

Found any neat steals lately? I wanna hear about them! Don't you just love finding great deals!

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...drc... said...

Have you ever been to Carries? Its overwhelming but I love it.
I found an antique radio in the downstairs closet of my building, so technically it was both found and stolen...