Monday, August 31, 2009

The Beach or BUST!

I've been busy lately with new business ventures (yay!) and photo shoots! With this gorgeous weather we've been having everyone is calling me up for me to take their pics - which I LOVE to do, by the way. So if you need your picture taken in the Little Rock area, just hollar! I'd love to meet you!
So about this weather... I just can't get enough. Yesterday I grabbed my granddad's old stadium blanket and the dogs and just laid in our backyard for literally hours just staring into the sky. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep out there. I even got a little chilly but my two dogs were keeping my insulated. :)

But while everyone is getting into the FALL mood (including myself), I'm trying to still think BEACH. We are leaving for the beach in less than a week and I couldn't be more excited about it! We originally booked this date because we got a great deal on the rental house but next year I don't think I'll wait this long to hit the sand. It's like tortue waiting until September to hear and smell that salty water! I think I'll be a fish in my next life.

So here's to the fall... you can come the week after next, but until then, you will find me on the beach somewhere...

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Emily Blackwell said...

Hey there! For the record, I have to always be thinking Beach here...there is no Fall in Florida. I made my blog layout. I went to cutestblogontheblock to find out how to make it a 3 column and i made the header at So, there you have it. It was pretty fun to do!