Monday, August 10, 2009

Blog Feature: Baby Byrds

Today I am featuring a blog of one of my dear friends, Christen Byrd. She is extremely talented and so creative in photography and graphic design along with being a great mom. I'm not quite sure how she has time to do it all! Recently she opened up an etsy shop displaying these precious prints! You can custom order these prints by color, letter and even pick your own animals or character to go along with the letter of choice. Just look how cute these are! Can't you picture one of these hanging in your little ones nursery? Go pick one up for yourself today!

Along with custom prints for your little one, Christen also design prints for your home, no matter what age you are! "You will love this LOVE letter design! The letters can hang in a straight line or in a square shape...however it looks best on your wall. This is definitely one of my favorite designs, as this was originally designed for my sister, but I had so many people who loved it, I thought I'd share it with everyone. Each letter is finished with an irish linen texture to add to the grunge feel of the design.Each letter is 10x10, adhered to a 1 inch wooden backing, which is painted black, to help it stand out from the wall, finished with a sawtooth hanger. Each letter is professionally printed on archival photo paper to ensure longevity and to avoid fading."
Go check out Baby Byrds Etsy Shop today!
Christen's blog:

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mellybean said...

Hey girl!! Thanks so much - I will DEFINATELY take you on your suggestion. I haven't taken any additional pictures so -fingers crossed. I added a comment on this post because these prints are ADORABLE - I'm going to visit her etsy shop now!!!
You look fantastic and your trip...well...all I can say is LUCKY (I said that in a Napoleon-esque voice).