Thursday, May 28, 2009

Riverfest Review

After having lived in Little Rock since 2005, I thought it was about time that I attended Riverfest! If you are not familar with this event, check out their website!

Well, we gathered our raincoats, umbrellas, car keys and Riverfest tickets and headed to Riverfest last Saturday evening - I had no idea what to expect. You see, I am NOT a fan of crowds, carnivals, rides, and just in general any gathering that involves more than 30 or 40 people. We arrived right at 5 just in time to see one of my favorite bands, Benjy Davis Project. The got their start in Baton Rouge, LA so, of course, I'm a fan. While Benjy and his band played we relaxed, stretched out our legs and enjoyed casual conversation with our friends around us. Now, THIS was enjoyable. This was the kind of Riverfest I could enjoy year after year.

However, the HINDER crowd was a completely different story! As soon as Benjy Davis finished up his amazing singing, all the "crazies" starting trampeling over us to get to the front of the stage. Some were dressed in black with piercings all over and some, well... weren't dressed much at all! There was yelling and pushing and screaming and I just couldn't handle it anymore. After the first HINDER song (which was probably the one song I would recognize anyway) I said I've had enough. We fought through the crowd swimming upstream and getting shoved along the way. Finally we made it out! And right then and there I vowed I would never go back to Riverfest ever again!

I'm not sure if it was the aweful body odor, the rude people or just the amount of absolute madness, Riverfest was NOT at all what I had hoped for. I'm not sure I was so shocked because that's exactly what ALL of those type events are like, which is why I don't go. I guess I just forgot for a second.

Riverfest, however, was not all bad. They did have recycling bins set up all around the area which of course made me very happy! Way to go Little Rock for GOING GREEN! Now if you could just filter out the other "white trash" I might actually go back.

Here are some pictures of us enjoying the Benjy Davis show... BEFORE they opened the crazies floodgate...

Melissa pulled out her pink umbrella when it started to drizzle a little.

I'm so glad my hubby was able to meet us when he got off work!

me and Melissa enjoying the Benjy Davis Project band

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Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

I am right there with you! we were out of town this year and I was not sad about it at all.