Thursday, May 14, 2009

Conner's back yard!!

We are so excited that our fence is finished! Ever since Conner, our America Cocker Spaniel/King Charles Cavalier mix little poochie, came into our lives we have wished for a fence for him to run and play. For over a year Conner lived in our condo that had no yard and not enough room for him to run and play. NOW, he has plenty of room! There is even talk of a brother or sister in the near future for Conner to play with. :) So not only does Conner have plenty of room to run but this also increases our property value big time! :)
This is Conner at our old place. His idea of going to play outside was sitting on a bench. :(
But not anymore!
Here are some pics of our new FENCED yard!

This is my favorite part of the fence... our trellis. Hopefully I can grow some honeysuckle or wisteria here!

I LOVE the top of the posts! They look so clean cut and sturdy!

This part is at the end of our driveway. It's a "drive through" gate in case we ever need to back our truck into our back yard. For instance if we are getting dirt hauled in. Next spring we already have plans to lay slate in a section of our backyard. This gate will definitely come in handy then!


Jessica said...

Perfect! I feel many play dates in the near future!!! Can't wait to see it Monday after work!

Julee said...

This is so beautiful!! I am so glad that Conner has a place to play now! I will for sure have to bring Romeo to play. They can run around crazy in that big back yard. I will let you know about the memorial day get together. We will be going back to fayetteville on sunday but maybe we could stop by and say hi! Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for all your prayers!

Julee said...

This will be Romeo's first time there. I am glad to know that Conner loves it there. I am going to miss him so much! :(

Matt was tested for celiac but doesn't have it. We do need to look into the foods we are eating though. Thanks for the advice!

The Doose's said...

So cute! I love the arbor thing! Beautiful!