Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Houston: We HAVE a (stocking) problem!

Ok. So if you know me, you know I LOVE Christmas and you know I LOVE to have things just right! So it is absolutely driving me insane that I have not found the perfect stockings yet for Buie and I.

Here are some possible options:

from Crate and Barrel

I also really like this one from Crate and Barrel: I only wish our names could be put on these stockings. This is why I probably WON'T order these stockings. I like personalized.

Moving on...
I really like these from Ballard Designs but I do not like the top of it. I'm not a huge fan of cheetah print. (Sorry, Hilary.)

Ballard Designs even has Personalized Pet Stocking, which you know is a MUST for me. They even have bones or fish on the stocking, depending on whether you have a dog or cat...in our case we would need two fish and one bone. :)

I am very tempted to order these for Buie and I (and the animals) and either tuck in the cheetah print or take them to get the top part taken off (because goodness knows I will screw it up if I try to sew.)

Another option from Ballard Designs, but once again...cheetah print. What's with the cheetah print??

Williams Sonoma Home has a super cute one and it goes with our vintage Christmas theme this year:

I think the last one might be the one I am going with for Buie and I, but then what should I buy for the three animals? Decisions. Decisions.

.......... after internet searching, I believe I have come to a conclusion.....

Pottery Barn offers a solution for the pet stockings that is still classy and coordinates with our stockings (that is, if we choose the William Sonoma stocking above). Here are the stockings I believe we will go with for our three animals and yes, I will have them personalized to say Hazel, George and Conner. :)
If I had to choose today, I'd pick the William Sonoma ones for Buie and I and the striped Pottery Barn ones for the animals, but they're all so cute! What do YOUR stockings look like this year? Do you get new ones every year or do you invest and personalize like I do? I can't WAIT to hang our stockings!

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Angie said...

We just use some of Charlie's old hole-y, black dress socks and I've embroidered everyone's name with white thread. Pretty cute.... NOT!!! I got ours at a Target after Christmas sale in 2004. They are not personalized/monogrammed and mine and Charlie's are different from the kids. And we rarely remember to put things in them. That's our African tradition I guess - to forget the stockings! :-)