Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Final Count Down...

We are counting down the days over here until moving day! We are furiously packing our PODS, finishing last minute projects around the house, running errands and telling Arkansas friends good-bye. The plan is to fill the storage system with everything but the big stuff. So for the past few weeks, we have been packing up books, household items, knickknacks, etc. and slowing filling up the PODS. Our furniture definitely will not all fit. If I had to do it all over again, I would just let movers do it ALL but oh well. It's pretty much done now. The movers will be here on Monday to load up the rest of our stuff and furniture. It's almost here! By this time next week we will be sleeping in our bed in our new house!

B & I have basically been packing this house for the month of January and there are quite a few things that we have learned in the process: 

1. Set hard dates and timelines for planning and packing and stick with them!
2. Make sure you have a strong marriage before attempting a move. Moves definitely put stress on each other. Try not to take it out on each other. I might have threatened to kill B a total of eight times in the last 3 weeks. hehe. (Sorry, babe)
3. Pray over each step over the home buying process. This was a biggie for us. 
4. If you can afford it, PAY FOR MOVERS! And let them do it all! 
5. Always be prepared with toilet paper. :) (This one was my husband's advice. Can you tell?) You might find yourself needing some while looking for houses. And when your house is on the market, if you're not living there currently, be nice to potential home buyers and leave them some tp. ;) They'll love you for it. 
6. Don't get too stressed out. Remember to take breaks for fun stuff. 

Meanwhile...this is what I'm dealing with inside. Seriously every time I pack a box, Hazel jumps in. She LOVES, she is OBSESSED with boxes!

Happy Wednesday! Hope y'all are having a great week!

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! Our cats love boxes too. We currently have a shoebox for boots inside another medium size box so the box on top is slanted at an angle. We jokingly refer to it as their recliner and there's always a cat in it. It's also about 6 feet from the woodstove so they're loving it : )

Good luck on the move! It'll all be worth it when it's over and done with : )