Monday, January 9, 2012

January Pinspiration: Pet Area

By now we have all heard of Pinterest. Pinterest and I are BFF. I have so many DIY projects, craft & organizational ideas saved that I hope to one day get around to. I’m making it a goal to pick one of these projects per month to complete. They don’t have to be huge time consuming projects, just something to make our life a little less chaotic. Here’s one project to help organize all of our pet products. Having these four munchkins around our house means having our fair share of pet supplies.

Their leashes, harnesses, treats, food, and litter was taking up too much space inside. After coming across this little Pinterest Inspiration, my wheels were turning. We already kept their food in the garage, but I when I saw this adorable leash holder, I decided to put much my pinspiration to work.

What have you found on Pinterest lately that has inspired a recent project? Stay tuned for next month's project!

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