Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hazel's getting spoiled (and high)!

After the death of our kitty George, we are still mourning his loss. The evenings at home are the hardest. The times when B & I are sitting on the couch watching TV and Conner is in my lap, Scooter is curled up on the floor or the couch and Hazel is usually near the fireplace....these are the times George is missed the most. He would normally be in his spot on the arm of the couch. This was his favorite spot.

The day that George went to the vet, we noticed Hazel meowing more and looking around for her buddy. The next day is when we found out about George's death; this was Hazel's Day 2 without George. That day when we brought George's body home to burry in our back yard we let all three animals see his body. I know you people out there who aren't animal lovers might think this is crazy and I'm okay with that. But for the rest of you, I know that this seems perfectly logical. I thought that in some way, showing them George's body it would somehow be easier on them... I'm not even sure if it's possible for animals to process death. All I know is that Hazel was sad without her buddy George to play with. Scooter and Conner put their little noses inside the box that held George's body and sniffed. Then Scooter licked his little lifeless head. I lost it, as you can imagine. That was the sweetest thing I had ever seen. Finally, Hazel put her little head over the box and looked. Again, I have no idea what was going on in her little kitty head but maybe, just maybe she understood that was her brother who was no longer awake and playing with her.

Day 3 without George was getting a little easier for me and B, but not for Hazel. She continued to cry and to roam around the house looking for him. So I went to Kroger Marketplace where they have a great pet section. I saw this bed with catnip in it and I knew it would be perfect for Hazel! She LOVES catnip but for some reason we never give it to her. I took some video of her in her new bed. The video explains it all. Hazel might still miss her little buddy but the catnip definitely helps ease the pain. :)

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Amy said...

ok this makes me want to cry as a fellow animal lover :( I've been reading your blog every once in a while cause I love hearing about your animals and it seems like you're doing great! So sorry about George though...
-Amy (Patterson) Morledge