Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend Review (Part 1): Nursery & Jewelry

I hope everyone had a great weekend with family and friends! My parents came up this weekend and were put to work! I took this Friday off to help paint my nephew's room. He'll be here in July and his room is coming together nicely! Since they are having a boy and my brother is more than a little obsessed with the Dallas Cowboys they are decorating the nursery with Dallas apparel - but very tastefully - I must add. (no huge star logos anywhere to be found!) They have almost decided on a name but I don't think it's a definite - not definite enough to post on my blog yet anyway - sorry! But I will be holding him in my arms before long! I can't wait! Here is my handsome brother and his beautiful bride and their Build-a-Bear Cowboy's player for their new little one due on JULY 4th (one day before our second anniversary)! Saturday morning I hosted a Silpada jewelry party at my home and had a great time visiting with friends, my mom and sister-in-law. My sister-in-law, Nicole, sells Silpada jewelry and I hadn't had a party in a while so I thought why not, right?! I'm always up for a girls party! I can't wait to get in my new pieces that I ordered. Here are a few of the pieces I'm getting in.
My weekend was so jammed packed, I couldn't fit it into one blog post. More to come later on Easter's lunch menu! Yum! :)

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