Saturday, October 4, 2008

PURGE is the word of the weekend!

Buie and I are STILL going through our house sorting our "stuff." And if I've said it once I've said it a MILLION times! WE HAVE SO MUCH STUFF!!! There are boxes and bags and baskets and Rubbermaid bins FULL of just stuff stuff STUFF! I know it will only get worse before it gets better but I thought I was past that point already. I think there are things growing in our walls and reproducing while we sleep. I have given 6 bags of clothes to Goodwill and I still don't have enough hangers to hang all of my clothes on my side of the closet (NOT that my clothes are EVER all clean at the same time.) There are mounds of laundry, boxes of unwanted dishes and kitchen odds and ends, and practically a whole room full of "I don't know what to do with this." How do people do it? How do people combine two lives into one, sort through twenty to thirty years of memories and decide what to save and what to keep without going insane! And not to mention still keep up a house, two cats, a dog and a full-time job! LIFE IS FUN!

So....PURGE is the word of the weekend.

I have asked myself...waaaay too many times..."Do I need this? Do I use this? Have I EVER used this? Chances are the answer is NO. For some reason when my grandmother moved out of her house this year I brought it upon myself to keep all (and I do mean ALL) of her kitchen utensils, as if by keeping her kitchen utensils would somehow keep her house alive in my memory. Perhaps it would help but the greatest gift, my grandmother gave me was her hutch. I love it! I decided that the hutch was beautiful enough a piece to capture every memory of her house I ever needed...therefore, I purge. I never knew how many strainers I had...nor how many my grandmother had for that matter. I mean, who needs a white strainer and a red one and an orange one? I kept the orange one, by the way...and YES, I use it! :)

So....I continue to PURGE. Please pray for my sanity and I search for serenity in this condo. I know it's in here somewhere...

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Blissfully Enamored said...

believe takes a while! we JUST now cleaned out of garage of all of the "i don't know what to do with this" stuff! well...we kind of just moved it around and decided that we HAVE to have a garage sale this weekend...but we shall see if that happens or not!! good luck!! it just takes some time and motivation!!!