Thursday, July 24, 2008

the decline of exciting birthdays

My first married birthday has come and gone. Birthdays have always been a big deal to me so I was excited about this one because I turned 25. However, to no surprise, it really wasn't a big deal. I think with all the hype of the wedding, my birthday just kind of came and went... which is okay. I think it was time I set aside my childhood fantasies of having "the perfect birthday" every year. You know those butterflies you get in your stomach when you know your birthday is almost here... Well, most people probably quit having those at like age 16. That's like your last important "childhood" birthday...and then there's 21. That one was exciting, I guess, because you're now officially an "adult" (whatever that means). So I guess there was all this excitement about turning 25 because I figured it was like a big milestone or something, but nothing happened spectacular. No fireworks went off. I wasn't able to do or to purchase anything more than I was at age 24.

I guess I just realized that at this point, it's just years. Another year every year. And what's exciting about 26...can't think of a thing.

I know this post might sound depressing but in all actuality, I think it just means that I'm growing up. After all, I'm married to a man who is turning 31 this year. hehe.

And on the bright side, I got GUITAR hero for my birthday! How cool is that? My husband is the best! He definitely doesn't give boring gifts! We've had fun playing with it this past week. Well, I will say that he has had waaay more fun than me. I'm not very good at it. (to no surprise at all). I need to work on that coordination thing.

Also, my parents, Buie's parents, Craig, Nicole and Sharon (Nicole's mom) all went out to eat with Buie and I for my birthday at Cajuns. We had fun hanging out together and of course, the food was awesome! So it was a great 25th birthday afterall! I can't say that I'll expect the same next year though. Afterall, what's exciting about 26, right? Maybe I'll just look forward to my 30th. :)

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Anonymous said...

Want to hear something really scarey? Glen will be FORTY, yes FORTY in a few days!YIKES!! I will be married to an old man. So glad you are doing well. Love you girl! Carrie