Sunday, May 18, 2014

We Got Bunnies!

That's right we got bunnies! Like real live floppy eared, carrot chomping, nose wiggling, poops a lot, real live rabbits. It all started last Easter when I hosted my first Easter mini sessions. I rented two rabbits from a guy nearby. They were adorable, well one of them was...the other one liked to bite. Anyway, the hubs and I tossed around the idea of keeping one but then (like normal people) decided not too. 

So this Easter rolled around and we rented the three sweetest bunnies from the same place as last year. The guy informed us that he was "getting out of the rabbit business" so that got us wondering what would happen to all of his rabbits. We had so much fun photographing these rabbits in this year's Easter mini sessions. They were great around the children and definitely no biting. We kind of grew attached to them all in about three days. 

We weighed our pros and cons and I actually said no, we don't need more responsibility, more cost, more work, etc. etc. But then Buie, just said, let's do it! :) And of course, I said okay. He didn't have to twist my arm too hard. 

So like that, we added three more to our zoo. 

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