Thursday, May 8, 2014

Louisiana Saturday Night

The Spring in Louisiana means crawfish season. Last year we were just moving down here about the time crawfish season started so we actually never ate any all season. The rest of the year I just couldn't wait to get my hands dirty from crawfish juice so we invited over our closest friends and picked up a few pounds.

To me, this is what Louisiana is all about.  I could honestly do this every weekend. Heck, I could do this every NIGHT but I'd also be about 50 more pounds overweight. ;) 

It sounds weird to Northerners, I'm sure,...sitting around picking apart a little crustacean only for millimeters of meat, sucking the juices out of their heads, tossing their empty shells aside, only to pick another up and do it all again. 

But, it's about tradition. 

It's about sitting around on your back porch being around people who you've known your whole lives and sharing stories. It's all about the potatoes and corn. Who's with me? It's about your lips being so on fire because it's just the right amount of spicy. Well, maybe it needs a *little* more. :) It's about getting your fingers and fingernails so dirty and not caring one bit. It's about seeing how many pounds you can eat or how fast you can peel them. It's about putting the shells on your fingers and pretending that they are little tiny puppets (because we ALL have done that). 

But most of all, it's about being with friends.
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