Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Big D Bucket List!

Well, I'm finally get up a post about our fun weekend in Dallas! My mom, Zuzka and myself loaded up Thursday morning and headed to the big D with BIG plans! Zuzka, an exchange student from Slovakia, has been living with my mom and dad since January and has become my adopted little sister. She's so full of life and energy. Secretly she makes me want to be 17 again but then I remember all the broken hearts and trial and error I had to go through to make it to 29 and I'm perfectly happy where I am. It is fun to watch her though, so exuberant and uninhibited. 

Zuzka had a bucket list when coming to the states, many of which she has accomplished. She attended her first prom ever, ate crawfish, ate beignets in New Orleans. Zuzka had a couple of things on her bucket list that required a trip to Dallas, Texas. Well, who are we to keep a gal from marking off things on her "to do" list, especially if that list is a FUN list! :) 
Stop #1: She met several of our Texas cousins. I'm not exactly sure this was on her bucket list but we made it happen anyway. :)

Stop #2: The JFK Memorial and the Sixth Floor Museum. This one I was most excited about because of my obsession with conspiracy theories. If you don't know much about the JFK conspiracy (which I'm not sure how you wouldn't know), google it. Interesting stuff. I have been to Dallas a thousand times and have never taken the time to walk around on the grassy knoll, read the plaques and markers on the buildings or to go to the museum. The sixth floor museum which used the be the book depository where Oswald supposedly took his shot has a very informative tour. Of course it never touches on the second shooter or any of the conspiracy theories but it was still an informative tour. 

Stop #3: SIX FLAGS! I've never ever in my life seen someone so excited about going to an amusement park. I quickly realized that Six Flags is probably close to the last place on earth I would want to spend a day. I don't do rides; they give me migraines and vertigo. I don't do crowds...for many reasons. I can't eat any of the food there- I'm gluten free. Oh and probably the most important, I HATE people dressed up in animal costumes. So you're probably thinking, why in the world did you go? Good question. The answer is simple. To see the look on her face. It was all worth it. Zuzka even got me on a couple of rides. :) 

I'm going to miss this girl. So glad we had this time to spend together. Will cherish the last few times we have together before she heads home to Slovakia. 

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It looks like you had a great time..:)
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