Sunday, January 4, 2009

Buie Christmas

This post is waaaay overdue, but our first Christmas would not be completely told if I didn't properly post about our fabulous Christmas in Rison, Arkansas, home of the Buie's parents, Rufus and Carole. We had such a great time! When Buie got off work Christmas Eve we loaded up Conner and our bags and presents in the car and headed to Rison. I'm so glad it only takes about an hour to get there. Christmas Eve we hung out with Buie's uncle, aunt and a couple of his cousins. It's always funny when I hang out with HIS side of the family because of what I call him. My husband's name is Brent Buie, but I call him Buie and really I always have... I guess that is mainly because I first knew him as a coach at the college we both attended. Everyone called him "Coach Buie" therefore the 'Buie' part just sort of stuck. Anyway, it's weird to call him "Brent" but you can see how it could be confusing when we are around a whole group of people with the last name of "Buie." It's really quite funny. I say "Buie" and a whole room full of people turn around... so for the evening I tried really hard to call my husband "Brent" but I have to say it was very strange... like I was talking to someone else. So for the sake of my sanity and since this is my blog, I'm calling him what he is to me..."Buie." :)

So the highlight of Christmas Eve, besides the gluten free sandwiches and dessert Mrs. Carole made just for me, was definitely watching old home movies. Seeing Buie as a little kid was so entertaining and adorable. His hair was so blond!

Here are some pictures from our first Christmas as the Buies with the Buies.

The Buies, Tee, Brent's brothers and his parents and of course, us!
Their home looked GREAT!

Mrs. Carole even knitted me my very own stocking. She's so sweet!

I got a snuggie blanket for Christmas, which is just perfect for me and Conner!

Conner in front of their tree!

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