Monday, June 10, 2013

Adding Another.

I don't think I have mentioned on our blog that we are going to be an Aunt and an Uncle once again. That's right! My brother Craig and his wife Nicole are having a baby girl in about a month. They already have two of the sweetest nephews anyone could ask for: Landon (almost 3) and Carson (just turned 1). My other brother, Chris, and his wife Amanda, have two girls, Makaylan (2) and Hannah (almost 1). It is pretty insane when we all get together. There is hardly any adult conversing going at all. It's crazy but I love it! So why not add one more to the mix, right?
 Anniston Nicole will be making her arriving sometime in July. My birthday is July 19 so it would be neat if she arrived on my 30th birthday, especially since her older brother Landon arrived in this world on our second wedding anniversary, July 5th. Craig and Nicole's anniversary is in July, as well as my mom's birthday. More reasons to love summer and the month of July, my favorite month! :)

Last weekend I threw a very informal gathering of just family so that we could shower Nicole and Anniston with a few gifts. I was a little busy playing hostess, tour guide, auntie, etc. that I forgot to snap very many pics at all.

Here is one that I love: my cousin Lauren, her baby, Elle, and our grandmother, MeMe hanging out during the shower. Such a precious site. I am trying to cherish these years left with MeMe. She is 83 years old, I believe, and her health is failing her rapidly. I am so happy so was able to attend.

I literally snapped this one of little Carson as they were walking out the door. He's growing so quickly.
 And Nicole and her mother, Sharon. They look like sisters, don't they?
We can't wait to meet you Anniston! 

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