Friday, April 24, 2009

Moving Week.

Moving is in full swing! While I am finishing up some things here in the office, my huband, his college roommate and my in-laws are moving furniture to our new home! When I get home from work, there will be furniture in our house, which is more than I could say yesterday. This weekend will be full of paint, boxes, sore muscles and a group of very tired movers! I hope to have the majority of our things moved by Sunday.

Painting is priority on my list this weekend, specifically the laundry room. Our washer and dryer are being delivered on Sunday, which means my laundry room must be painted by then. I am almost finished priming the room. I couldn't wait to see what the color would look like so I painted a section of the wall where the primer was already dry and I LOVE the color. I went with the color "drizzle" by Sherwin Williams. The are having a sale on their top of the line eco friendly paint so we stocked up!
This is the inspiration for our laundry room. My reasoning is- if I have to spend time doing chores, I might as well be in a room that is cute! I will post pictures of the process and of course of the finished room!

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